Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Anti-Israel Campus Bullies Complain of Being "Suppressed"

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Campus Watch

Recently, UCLA's highly politicized (anti-Israel) Center for Near East Studies held a day long propaganda fest against Israel. (What else is new on campus?) Even though their side totally dominates the discourse on campus, they typically complain about their voices being silenced by "American Zionists ".

Silenced? Well, the recent day-long event at UCLA was hardly silenced. Cinnamon Stillwell and Adelle Nazarian wrote a report.

This is typical. These people constantly complain that "American Zionists interests" (whoever they are) are suppressing their speech-even though they totally control the discourse. I got a taste of this the last time I was  at UCLA and listened to the moans and groans of CNES professor Susan Slyomovics.

Here is an example that centers around the above-mentioned UC Riverside professor David Lloyd. I had my own experience with him when he hosted BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti at UCR. His students, who made up most of the audience, were treated to a one-sided bashing of Israel by this imposter (Barghouti), who presents himself as a "human rights activist." When I asked (during the q and a) whether the UCR sponsors would bring in a pro-Israel speaker to give the students some degree of balance, Lloyd termed my question "preposterous".

Preposterous is universities not presenting all sides of a complicated issue. Preposterous is David Lloyd. Preposterous is CNES at UCLA.

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