Friday, November 20, 2015

UC Merced Party Line: It Was the Study Group

Workplace violence (Ft Hood) and a video (Benghazi) were the operative terms applied to recent terrorist tragedies by our administration. When it comes to the UC Merced attack that left 4 stabbed and the attacker killed by campus cops, it appears the party line at UC Merced is that Faisal Mohammad went on his stabbing spree because he was kicked out of a study group. The UC Santa Cruz City on a Hill campus paper has a report pushing that line as given  by two UC Merced professors.

"Following allegations on social media that the attacker was influenced by extremist organizations, UCM faculty members Anneeth Kaur Hundle and Sean Malloy wrote an op-ed for the Merced Sun-Star where they urged members of the UC community to avoid using this incident to perpetuate Islamophobia."

Granted, the op-ed by the two professors was written shortly after the attack. Nobody wants to assign blame to other Muslims on campus for what Mohammad did, but there are still significant questions that are unanswered.

1 If Mohammad only wanted to attack other students who had kicked him out of a study group, why did he plan to kill so many others including police?

2 Why in his manifesto (only parts of which have been released) did he plan to behead people?

3 Is it true as reported by Matthew Gonzalez in the Merced County News, that unnamed witnesses and law enforcement sources discovered a photo of an ISIS flag in his pocket? (Not denied by authorities).

4 Is it true as reported by Gonzalez that federal authorities had Mohammad's name on their radar and had briefed Merced authorities on a possible terror threat. (This is denied by the FBI and local authorities.)

5 Why did Mohammad's family seemingly disappear in the days following the attack?

There is still much to be learned, but perhaps, it was the two professors above who jumped to conclusions.

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