Wednesday, November 25, 2015

President Hollande Goes Home Empty Handed

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"Don't worry, Francois. I'm still coming to Paris for that climate change conference." 

It appears that President Francois Hollande's visit to Washington this week resulted in as much gain as Bibi Netanyahu's visits to see our current president. After the attacks in Paris, Hollande, who had seen the scales drop from his eyes, was determined to organize a grand coalition among France, the US, and that other recently victimized country, Russia, to take out ISIS once and for all. No sooner did he arrive then a wrench was thrown into the plan when Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet. Obama, for his part, patted Hollande on the back and told him that he, well, had his back.

Not only that, but Obama added insult to injury when he announced at their joint press conference that next week he was going to travel to Paris to attend a conference on  climate change.

It gets better. In the next breath, Obama added that he could think of no better rebuke to ISIS.

Also revealed was that in the past days, France has taken out ISIS' command and control center (whatever that is)  in Syria through their air bombing. Wait a minute! For how long have we been bombing ISIS from the air? And we had yet to achieve that? (Maybe one of the 64 other countries in our coalition was assigned that task.)

Next, Hollande is visiting Angela Merkel (where presumably, he will be pressured to increase the number of refugees allowed into France.) Then he tries his hand with Putin. Ironically, he may get more results with the Russian president. Obama is not interested.


Squid said...

And, Obama will give the U.N. 3.3 billion dollars to fight "Global Warming at the Paris conference." This is the biggest redistribution of wealth, of all, given to small countries that have dictators as political leaders. The money will not be tracked, like much of our own Federal funds, so the dictators can take the money and run. Never mind that Global Warming is the biggest scam of the century, snake oil being the biggest scam in the preceding century. There are many more places that this 3.3 billion can go. Here in the Southland, Los Angeles is currently having the biggest increase in homeless individuals. The number of homeless has jumped fifty percent in the past two years. I have the opportunity to take the Metro Rail into Union station. This past week I saw a person of color, in soiled, tattered cloths with shoes made of newspaper with plastic covering. It disturbed me greatly, this holiday season. This is where some of that 3.3 billion should be redistributed.
Shame on this President!


Gary Fouse said...


Obama by his own design has been the worst president this country has ever had. One more year and he may succeed in bringing this country to its knees.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Squid said...

Happy Thankgiving to you Gary.