Monday, November 2, 2015

More on the Treatment of a Pro-Israel College Professor

Recently, I cross-posted a Frontpage Magazine article by Phyllys Chesler on the treatment dished out to a Mt San Jacinto College professor, Denise Nussbaum, by her colleagues after she spoke out against a speaking appearance by anti-Israel activist (and an Israeli himself) Miko Peled, a character with whom I previously crossed swords at UC Irvine. (He angrily objected -in vain- to my videotaping his speech.)

I am now cross-posting part 2 of Ms Chesler's article, which specifies exactly what happened to Dr Nussbaum. It includes a hilarious quote from an Iranian professor that compares Miko Peled to Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King

"In a Letter to the Diversity Committee (which I have obtained), Razavi actually compared Peled to “Nelson Mandela,” and “Martin Luther King;” she wrote that “Miko Peled stands as one of them.”

Aside from the obvious absurdity, this just shows how vicious the pro-Palestinian forces in academia are.

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