Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Faisal Mohammad: Was He a Lone Wolf Terrorist?

There are still many unanswered questions surrounding the UC Merced,stabber, Faisal Mohammad, who was shot to death by campus cops after he went on a stabbing rampage last week.

Here are some questions that are still unanswered:

1 When will the authorities release the full manifesto discovered on Mohammed? We know parts of it as revealed by Sheriff Vern Warnkle. We know that he planned to behead people and kill numbers far beyond those who had kicked him out of a study group. We know that he had reminded himself to make repeated praises to Allah as he carried out his planned killings. Does that not indicate a lone wolf attack inspired by ISIS? Does it not indicate that there was a religious aspect to the attack? It strongly suggests that both are true.

2 Is it true (as reported by anonymous sources to Matthew Gonzalez of the Merced County News, an online news site) that a picture of an ISIS flag was pulled out of Mohammad's pocket by cops after he was shot? Is it also true, as reported by the above site, that Mohammad was known to federal authorities prior to the incident? The Merced Sun Star has now run with the ISIS flag portion themselves quoting an unnamed source. A university spokesman is denying any inteloligence briefing involving the UCM chancellor.

3 Why has Mohammad's family disappeared? It is reported that his body remains unclaimed. That is highly suspicious.

4 I had also been concerned that given the attacks ongoing in Israel, that there might be an intifada angle to this-especially had any of the victims been Jewish. Though I have not received conclusive evidence, I have been advised by a credible Jewish source in Merced that no Jewish students were harmed.

We still need to await definitive answers to the above questions, but based just on the manifesto and those contents released, my feeling at this point that this was a lone wolf, jihadist attack. I hope I am wrong.

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