Friday, November 13, 2015

Hillary the Marine

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"From the hills of Sarajevo to the shores of Benghazi....."

So now Hillary Clinton tried to join the Marines when she was 26. Did she also try to stab the recruiter? (Hat tip Legal Insurrection)

According to Hillary, the recruiter took one look at her and suggested "the dogs" (US Army) might accept her. I'm sure anybody in the Army, past or present, will appreciate that joke, right?

Of course, several years ago, her erstwhile husband Bill, (who we know never tried to join the military) told it a different way. He said she walked into an Army recruiting office. It apparently was just some sort of test to see if they would discriminate against women.

Hillary Clinton's hatred of the military was well documented when she was first lady and she wanted the White House military attaches to wear civilian clothing. This story sounds like that sniper tale she told in Sarajevo. At any rate, if Hillary Clinton tried to join the US military, I tried to join the French Foreign Legion.

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elwood p suggins said...

A couple of days ago the Washington Post, hardly a right-wing rag, did a "fact-checker" article/column on this ridiculous story. The paper initially awarded Hillary "two Pinocchios" (I believe four may be the highest possible score??), apparently pending further analysis/investigation.

Given her anti-military/anti-war history, it appears most likely that if she actually went to a USMC recruiter, it was part of a feminist project to demonstrate how women were discriminated against by the military.

I swear, I am beginning to believe the woman is either a congenital/pathological liar (like her husband) and/or that she has taken one fall too many from her "dizzy spells" and is somewhat mentally incapacitated.