Monday, November 9, 2015

Hatem Bazian's Latest Rant

Hat tip Campus Watch

Cinnamon Stillwell has a great piece on UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian. Now Bazian is arguing that Jews must be barred from the Temple Mount, which last I checked, is located in Jerusalem.

It is hardly surprising that Bazian, a Palestinian, would make this kind of claim. Three thousand years ago, Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. There has never existed a nation called Palestine. Yet, Muslims claim Jerusalem as their third holiest site based on their Scripture, which claims that Mohammad flew there (The Farthest Mosque) on a winged horse and from there rose to Heaven where he met with previous prophets. That (and previous conquests and occupations by Muslims) forms the basis for their claims.

I don't know why Israel keeps Jews from praying at the Temple Mount, nor do I much care. I don't get where this guy Bazian says Jews should be excluded from anywhere in Jerusalem (or Israel for that matter, let alone a site that is sacred to them. That smacks to me of arrogance.

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