Thursday, November 26, 2015

George Galloway: Turkey Day in UK

George Galloway: He Went to Syria

It may not be Turkey Day in the UK, but they always have George Galloway, the Ultimate Turkey, who is actually running to be mayor of London.

When a bloke like Sadiq Khan quotes a disturbing British poll that suggests 20% of British Muslims have some degree of support for ISIS and stresses the need to counter extremism in that community, George attacks Khan. The Huffington Post has the story. Note also that HP highlights the supposed confusion of the poll because it does not ask which side Western Muslims fight on when they go to Syria. (Need they ask?)

Here's a fun fact: More British Muslims have joined ISIS than their own armed forces.

It gets better: According to Jihad Watch, over 30,000 foreign fighters from 100 countries have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. This report was dated in September when some analysts were saying ISIS had "lost momentum". That was before the plane bomb in Egypt and the attacks in Paris.

Here is my question: How many Western Muslims do we know have traveled to Iraq or Paris to fight against ISIS? Maybe Galloway has the answer. Nobody else seems to know.

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