Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Faisal Mohammad: More Credibility to the ISIS Flag Claim

Last week, an alternative online news site in Merced (Merced County News) run by one Matthew Gonzalez, apparently from a Facebook page, claimed that (Gonzalez) was informed by an unnamed eyewitness to the UC Merced attack that after Faisal Mohammad was shot and killed, police pulled an image of what appeared to be an ISIS flag out of his pocket. Gonzalez also claimed that three unnamed police sources informed him that Mohammad was on some sort of federal watch list and that the FBI had given a briefing several months prior to Merced police and the UCM chancellor, Dorothy Leland, as to terrorist threats in the Merced area. (A spokesman for UCM has denied any such briefing was given to Chancellor Leland.)

Now the Merced Sun Star has reported that it has been advised by an unnamed source as to the ISIS flag image lending further credibility to the Merced County News claim.

Contrary to a previous statement by UCM Chancellor Leland, there are also reports that items of interest have been found on Mohammad's computer. It is also reported that the FBI is involved in the investigation.

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