Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dr Judea Pearl's Comments at the UC Regents Working Group

Hat tip AMCHA Initiative

As I previously posted, the University of California Regents held a working group at UCLA on October 26 to hear public comments on the issue of anti-Semitism on UC campuses. I spoke at that meeting.

Also speaking later in the day was Dr Judea Pearl, a professor at UCLA and father of Daniel Pearl, the Jewish American journalist who was beheaded in Pakistan several years ago. The AMCHA Initiative has posted his comments, and I cross-post them here.

Dr Pearl is the conscience of UCLA. Of course, the brown shirts on campus (Students for Justice in Palestine) don't share that view. Then there are the Israel-hating professors at UCLA like the characters who run the Center for Near Eastern Studies, people like Sondra Hale, Susan Slyomovics, James Gelvin and Gabriel Piterberg. (Is Piterberg still employed at UCLA? I understand he has some sort of problem there.) The CNES represents the dark underbelly of UCLA.

And it's a big belly. Unfortunately, there aren't that many people at UCLA like Judea Pearl.

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