Monday, November 9, 2015

Does the FBI Have the Goods on Hillary?

Hat tip American Thinker

If the prosecution of General David Petraeus is the standard, then Hillary Clinton has something to worry about. In the below article in American Thinker, Amil Imani and James Hyde raise the intriguing question: What are the chances, Mrs Clinton gets charged with a crime or crimes?

Here is another thought to ponder: Are there any emails out there that are connected to contributions to the Clinton Foundation and those lucrative speeches by Bill Clinton? Thus far, none have emerged from those released by the State Department.  But what about those that the FBI is attempting to retrieve from her private server? I am only speculating here, but that would be a dramatic development, wouldn't it now?

I see this as a three step process. I agree with the authors that FBI director James Comey is an honorable man. If he feels the FBI has uncovered crimes, I think he will recommend prosecution to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. She is a career professional (as opposed to that corrupt, hack predecessor of hers, Eric Holder). She, however, cannot make this decision on her own. She would have to take it to Obama. Would Obama handle this based solely on the facts and the idea that everybody is equal under the law? Hardly. He would decide based on his personal feelings about Mrs Clinton and based on political considerations. Even if he hates Mrs Clinton (as some maintain), the Democrats in Congress (Harry Reid et al) would furiously oppose a Clinton indictment. Thus, many political insiders insist that there is no chance of an indictment.

Then what does James Comey do?

This is purely my opinion, but I think that Comey and Lynch are carrying a huge load on their shoulders (assuming crimes are uncovered).  It is the trust that Americans have that everyone is equal under the law.

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