Sunday, November 29, 2015

Are You Ready for Another One-Sided Israel-Bashing Event?

Hat tip JJ

Another Israel-bashing event is coming to San Diego on December 1 hosted by some outfit called the San Diego World Affairs Council.

Don't laugh. Don't you know San Diego has the world's greatest zoo?

Of course, the issue is Israel vs the Palestinians. If you think that because it is being run by three professors, including one Palestinian, one Israeli, and an American Jew, it will be objective and balanced-think again.

The event will feature Professors Jonathan Graubart and Farid Abdel Nour, both of whom are professors at San Diego State University and Gershon Shafir of the University of California at San Diego. They are all anti-Israel activists. And you won't believe the topic.

What's driving the random stabbings in Israel?

To anyone with half a brain, you could mail the answer in: It is because the Palestinians hate the Israelis, hate the Jews, and are determined to drive every last Jew out of the Holy Land in order to create a country that has never existed-Palestine. They are driven by many forces, Islamic hatred of Jews, incitement to violence by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and by Hamas in Gaza, as well as craven support for whatever they do by a corrupt Western media and left-wing Western academics-including the above three.

If you click the above link on Graubart above, it describes my first experience seeing this guy in action. On that occasion in 2014, he not only hosted another Israel-bashing activist, he whined about the people who oppose his views, basically picturing himself as some sort of victim because he gets criticized. He needs to put on his big boy pants, in my view.

So you know already that these three characters will blame it all on Israel and talk about the desperate hopelessness of the poor Palestinian killers. These three professors will lament the fact that some of these stabbers (armed only with knives) have been shot and killed by Israeli forces or armed civilians who are quickly on the spot to stop further bloodshed.

Of course, sensible people know that if you go stabbing and killing people-even with a knife- you are likely to be shot. We could have mailed in the answer to the above question.

But these are professors, people who live in a different world-and who have an agenda. There will be no debate.

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