Sunday, October 18, 2015

Time to Support Israel As the Next Intifada Gears Up

This article first appeared at Eagle Rising.

The level of violence in Israel has reached a height not seen since the second intifada. Palestinian terrorists are attacking Israeli civilians on the streets or wherever they can find them. Whether it is stabbings or running down pedestrians in cars, the hounds have been released by the masterminds of Hamas and Fatah. Meanwhile, their leaders in Gaza (Hamas) and the West Bank (Fatah) cheer them on. Mahmoud Abbas, the man we think Israel should negotiate peace with, publicly encourages this Jew hatred and savagery.

And what does our feckless administration do? Obama and his spokesholes call on "both sides to reduce the level of violence" apparently chastising Israeli police for shooting the killers dead after they have committed their mayhem. But not to worry. Obama is sending problem solver John Kerry, with his proven track record of success, to the Middle East. That'll work.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Students for Justice in Palestine, a brown shirt campus organization co-founded by a Palestinian agitator masquerading as a professor at UC Berkeley named Hatem Bazian, is busy across the nation agitating on behalf of the killers. Wednesday was proclaimed a "day of action". At UC Irvine, where I teach, a group of SJP/Muslim Student Union member set up a table and spouted their asinine chants about Palestine while holding placards, one of which read, "Long live the intifada," as annoyed students passed by on their way to class.

Enough is enough. The killers and their supporters who call themselves Palestinians deserve no international support. Personally, I could care less if they ever get an inch of land to call a Palestinian state. They have nothing to contribute other than Jew hatred, murder and destruction. What kind of people would raise their own children to be suicide bombers? Personally, I am sick and tired of their tiresome supporters in the US throwing their weight around campus after campus with their loud shrills about occupation and genocide. If you were to survey the members of SJP and the various MSAs who are agitating against Israel, only a small percentage would be of Palestinian extraction. Thus, the question should be asked: What is your interest in the conflict? The real answer is religion. They cast their support to their Muslim co-religionists against the Jews. It is not about the land; it is about religion. Yet they have the audacity to portray themselves as the supporters of human rights while they ignore horrific acts of violence against innocents and support those in the Middle East who would kill every last Jews if they had the chance.

One can only hope that the next American president will be one who truly supports our allies in Israel and not a group of people who hate us nearly as much as they hate Israel.

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