Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Unsinkable Hillary Clinton


"Hillary walks on water"
"Hillary puts Benghazi behind her"
"Masterful performance in Benghazi hearings"
"Nothing new"
"Hillary now has clear sailing to White House"


Squid said...

Our current Media is so biased that it makes Pravda look like a conservative organization. Of course, if the FBI finds that Hillary lied and she broke Federal law in their investigation, the indictment would only lead to a Loretta Lynch conclusion that it was only a mistake on her part. Nothing to prosecute, similar to the Lerner, IRS decision. The rule of law in the United States is gone and only favors the rich and the elite.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Hillary did a good job in front of the umpteenth GOP Committee To Re-Hash Benghazi, because it was evident that the hearing served no purpose. Some members even admitted it was an attempt to undermine her candidacy for president, which the committee chair promptly denied, not wishing to cop to the self-evident truth.

Of course this establishes nothing with regard to Her Royal Clintonness's fitness to be president of a republic, and if the media insinuate that it does, well, they are just being themselves, trying to concoct sound bytes to justify the sheer number of reporters chasing a diminishing quantity of real news.