Saturday, October 17, 2015

SJP's Despicable Promotion of Rasmieh Odeh

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Rasmieh Odeh (with bullhorn)

This week the Students for Justice in Palestine held a demonstration at UC Irvine against Israel. It was part of their national campaign of a "day of action" in support of the murderous attacks carried out against Israeli civilians in Israel by Palestinian terrorists. I noted previously that one of their placards was in support of Rasmieh Odeh.

I have been sent a link to a document that an acquaintance of mine picked up at the SJP table. It is a propaganda piece in support of Odeh. I am not going to attach the link because I have no intention of helping SJP spread their propaganda. I merely want to comment that I think it is despicable for SJP or anyone to champion a woman like Odeh. This is an odious woman who was convicted in Israel for her part in a deadly bombing. She was later freed as part of a prisoner exchange. When she immigrated to the US and subsequently became an American citizen, she conveniently left that information off her respective applications. Now she stands convicted and is free pending appeal. She stands to spend some time in prison, have her citizenship revoked, and be deported. Yet, this arrogant woman stands in front of the courthouse with a bullhorn decrying American justice. For my money she can't be deported fast enough.

When SJP champions a woman like Odeh, they show their true colors.

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