Saturday, October 3, 2015

Once Again Obama Ignores the Plight of Christians

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

When President Obama took to the microphone to make his remarks on the shooting in Roseburg, Oregon last week, he was once again guilty of failing to even mention the fact that the victims were singled out due to their religion. It was the same omission as when he failed to mention the religion of the Jews who were gunned down last January in a Paris Jewish market by Islamic gunmen. They were just "folks". It was the same omission he makes when he describes the beheadings of Christians in the Middle East.

When Obama made his remarks, he knew that the gunman in Oregon had asked his victims what their religion was and shot them in the head if they identified themselves as Christians. What he did not know at the time was whether the killer was a Muslim on a mission of jihad (which he wasn't). So Obama played it safe. He kept his indignation limited to the issue of guns.

The truth is that this president doesn't feel any indignation at the slaughter of Christians and Jews, largely because it is Muslims who are doing the slaughtering. Obama's Christianity, such as it is, is the Christianity of Jeremiah Wright, the "God damn America"( and God damn the West) variety of Christianity. It is the kind of Christianity that leads him to the insane decision to bring in 100-200,000 "Syrian refugees" but ignore the real refugees of the Middle East, who are Christians fleeing for their lives. It is the kind of Christianity that leads him to give amnesty to the people crossing our border with Mexico unless they are Middle East Chaldean Christians, in which case they are being processed for a hasty deportation. It is the kind of Christianity that makes him hostile to Israel and indifferent to the depredations of the Palestinian terrorists. Just this week, Palestinian gunmen slaughtered a Jewish couple in front of their four children, the eldest of whom was 9 years old. Palestinians are cheering as if their team just won the World Cup while Obama is silent. I suspect that is the variety of Christianity he learned from his anti-Semitic pastor, Reverend Wright.

Can anyone doubt that had the Oregon shooter selected innocent Muslims as his victims that Obama would have been all over that? He would have had the attorney general standing next to him at the podium and sent her hastily out to Oregon.  I would not have criticized him for that, but it just goes to show his selectivity.

This is a president who is utterly indifferent to the resurgence in anti-Semitism worldwide and the effort by Islamists to carry out a genocide of Christians in the Middle East. Incredibly, he believes at the same time that what this country needs is hundreds of thousands if not millions more Muslims.

My father, who was not a religious man, had a crude description of those he considered phony Christians, and I apologize if the reader is offended by this. He used to say, "He doesn't know whether Christ was hung or shot in a pool hall."

I suspect that could be applied to President Obama.

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