Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hillel's Kumbaya Statement Draws Criticism

Hat tip LA Jewish Journal and Dee

Last week, with all the carnage going on in Israel at the hands of Palestinian terrorists and the public show of Palestinian support showed on campus by the UC Irvine Students for Justice in Palestine, the UC Irvine chapter of Hillel put out a mushy statement of peace that was all too typical of this group. It was marked by the same moral equivalency that has characterized the statements of Barack Obama and John Kerry relative to the on-going conflict. That drew a strong rebuke from David Suissa writing in the LA Jewish Journal.

I have no argument with any Jewish student in Hillel. My argument is with the so-called adult leadership of this organization-at least the UC Irvine chapter. For years, Hillel, along with the Jewish Federation of Orange County, has fought every effort to bring public awareness to the problem of campus anti-Semitism. They have come down hard on any Jewish student who chooses to fight back and speak out. At a time when they should have complained loudly about the savagery going on in the Middle East and the support provided by groups like Students for Justice in Palestine, they come out with a mealy-mouth statement. I concur with Mr Suisse.

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