Sunday, October 18, 2015

Europe Seeding Its Own Destruction

Hat tip Gatestone Institute and An Inquiry Into Islam

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Bassam Tawil has an important piece for the Gatestone Institute in which he accurately describes the immediate threat to Europe by its ever-increasing Islamic population.

I still may be naive enough to believe that the European public understands the threat. After all, they see it happening all around them; a hostile immigrant population that refuses to assimilate, brings violence and crime to their adopted countries and is determined to install Islam as the ruling authority no matter how long it takes.

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Yet, it is Europe's leaders, in their blind drive to bring diversity and multi-culturalism to their societies, who are chiefly responsible for ignoring the cries of their people. They are on their knees submitting to the jihadists and the leaders of the Islamic world. What they are doing is criminal.

And what our own government is doing in bringing in tens of thousands of Somali and Arab "refugees", most of whom will be able-bodied young men, to the US is also criminal. Our intelligence services have already admitted they cannot adequately vet these people.

Militant and expansionist Islam can never defeat the US and the West by force of arms, notwithstanding all their terror tactics. They can conquer us without firing a shot, however.

That is up to us.

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