Thursday, October 1, 2015

At University of Kentucky It's Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee

University of Kentucky Muslim Student Association objects to op-ed in campus paper

Hat tip Campus Reform

It still seems many students need to be educated on what our First Amendment means when it comes to free speech and freedom of the press. When a University of Kentucky student journalist wrote an op-ed critical of Islam, the Muslim Student Association objected and wanted the paper censored. Now the student government is tied up debating just such a resolution.

Campus Reform has the report. From the below link you can access the original op-ed and the response of the MSA.

Here is the latest article on the upcoming student government vote in the campus paper, Kentucky Kernal.

To the MSA, I would say this in response to their own op-ed: Have you ever heard of the First Amendment? Apparently not. The newspaper has given you space to place your own op-ed. Both you and Mr Wright have enjoyed your right of free speech.

As for your assertion about a Muslim woman having the same right to divorce as a man, the woman must submit her request to an imam or sharia court which can grant or deny her request while the man merely repeats the statement 3 times that "I divorce thee."

As for physical punishments, let us be specific. Under hudud sharia, (Crimes against God) adultery, homosexual acts, blasphemy and apostasy are punishable by death. Sorry, but that doesn't fly here in the US. And the idea that you could have it apply only within your community doesn't fly either. Under our laws and Constitution everyone- even Muslims and Muslim women -are entitled to our protections. In the US, there can be no death penalty or any form of physical punishment for the above "crimes". If you want to live under that code, there are about 57 counties where you can live that way. Not here.

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