Saturday, September 5, 2015

Who is Bryan Pagliano?

Hat tip Daily Caller and Squid

The name Bryan Pagliano has now surfaced in the Hillary Clinton  email scandal. He is the tech guy who Hillary brought into State and then gave him a side job of setting up her private server. He is now taking the 5th amendment rather than testify to Congress about what he knows.

Daily Caller has some background on Pagliano.

In addition, Hillary was asked today about Pagliano while doing you-know-what in New Hampshire, and she matter-of-factly answered that she and her family hired him for personal services, blah, blah, blah..... Oh, and she has advised everybody to fully cooperate. Naturally.

"I think that's in the public record."

It certainly is.

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Squid said...

By having Pagliano set up andservice the server, which contained "classified" documents, is a serious violation of law and a breach of security of sensitive information that needs to be protected. As it was stated before, there is an understanding that documents dealing with foreign countries and especially geophysical data about foreign counties defense systems, it is classified out of the box. All of this information was available,to a second rate tech person with no background check and no security clearance. Clearly, this is a violation of protocol and law. So, what is Loretta waiting for, Obama's kiss.