Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trying to Find the Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton)



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Hillary Clinton's e-mails setup at the State Department was so ludicrous at times it was funny. here is what happened when State's IT section tried to send Hillary an email only to have it bounced back. They apparently didn't even know about Hillary's private server.

Last night, State released another 7,000 emails of the 55,000 it is going through. Of those, 150 have been identified as classified. Here is my take: That is a ridiculously low number from a secretary of state. That tells me that what we are really searching for are among the some 30,000 that were deleted.  That is where you will find those relating to Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and all that good stuff.  Thus, it comes down to the tech folks at the FBI to retrieve those deleted emails.

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