Friday, September 25, 2015

"Triggering" at UNC

Hat tip Campus Reform

“This is triggering. This is violence. This is co-optation. This is not okay,” the email continues before closing with a call to “Stay rad (stay rude).”

                                            University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (with Yellow Brick Road)

On the surface, this seems like a very petty issue. Pro-life students use chalk to write pro-life messages on a  campus sidewalk. Pro-abortion students marshal an alert and send their forces to erase the messages. If measured by the number of times I have posted articles about the University of North Carolina recently, you would infer that craziness has taken over Chapel Hill. (Instead of acting like high school students, the offended pro-abortion students are crying victimization and-get this- triggering.

So what is triggering? This is another one of those recently invented terms in academia. If I understand it correctly, it is an act or a word that triggers feelings of victimhood on certain other students.

Did I get that right?

This is the mentality of the left, Folks. This is the mentality of those who rule academia. It is a land of triggering, micro-aggression, macro-aggression, co-optation (whatever that is) and victimhood.

It is the land of Oz.

When my mother was a student at UNC back in the 40s, the little rascals were doing crazy things like swallowing goldfish and seeing how many people they could cram into a telephone booth.

Now everybody is a victim of triggering, aggressions, real or imagined (usually imagined) and needing  of a "safe space" on campus. Yes, that's part of the new lexicon on campus too.

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"I need a safe space."

Our universities are breeding a generation of paranoid, insecure, sniveling victims. And these are the future leaders of America? No wonder our country is going down the toilet.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Our universities are breeding a generation of paranoid, insecure, sniveling victims.

This is true. But a real red-blooded leftist would soon put a stop to it.

Gary Fouse said...

Just what they need-another leftist.

elwood p suggins said...

Go to NC and get 'em, Siarlys!!! Or are you neither real, nor red-blooded, or maybe both??