Thursday, September 24, 2015

The True Taste of Pakistan

That's what two restaurant owners advertised in their kebab joint in Nottingham, England. Now they have been ordered to pay fines and restitution after some 150 patrons came down with e-coli from fecal infected food. (Hat tip Vlad Tepes)

I think their lawyer should have argued that the owners adequately warned the patrons on the front window.


Squid said...

Was it not the Kyber Pass that Mohammad's warriors rode through to get to the Jewish tribes that refused to convert to Islam? Mohammad slaughtered the Jewish tribe, took their possessions and enslaved the women.
This alone, should have been enough to drive the knowing from this dung infested eatery.


elwood p suggins said...

As I have previously, in some armpit places they still defecate in the ditches. Guess the Paks are included.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Was it not the Kyber Pass that Mohammad's warriors rode through to get to the Jewish tribes that refused to convert to Islam?

No, Squid, not even close. In Mohammed's lifetime there was one set of Jewish tribes who were killed. Gary Fouse, Moshe Dayan, and the modern jihadis, have all been crying "Khaybar," but it is not on the other side of the Kyber Pass in Afghanistan, it is on the Arabian peninsula. Further, conversion to Islam wasn't even an issue. Islam had not even been fully defined as yet. Mohammed accepted a position as political leader in Yathrib as an alternative to being hunted down and killed by his polytheistic Arab neighbors in Mecca, and he identified the Jewish tribes in the immediate vicinity as military liabilities and political enemies because they were anxious to resume their lucrative trade with the Meccans.

By the time Islam reached the Kyber Pass, Jews had been the good friends of Islamic expansion for centuries, and honored scholars and administrators, particularly of the Abbasid and Umayyad caliphates -- which was only natural since they eagerly assisted the conquest of Jerusalem, and were rewarded with access to the Wailing Wall for the first time in centuries. (Does the term "Aelia Capitolina" mean anything to you?

elwood... Pakistan, and India. No doubt you are a regular donor to those international charities trying to improve the quality of toilet facilities in south Asia.

But it certainly does raise concerns about food quality. Hasn't been a problem at any of the great middle eastern restaurants in Milwaukee. But then, Pakistan and Jordan have little in common except for Islam, and even at that, plenty of differences in practice.

Gary Fouse said...

Honored dhimmis who felt themselves subjugated as per the Koran.