Monday, September 28, 2015

The Legal Case Against Hillary Clinton

Hat tip to George

Ken Cuccinelli is a former Virginia attorney general who was recently defeated in a run for governor as a Republican. In this New York Post op-ed, he outlines why Hillary Clinton has broken the law with her email server as secretary of state.

I agree with Cuccinelli's assessment of how the FBI will proceed. Depending on their findings in retrieving Clinton's deleted emails, I think they will make an honest recommendation to DOJ. Keep in mind that Justice has (or at least had when I was a DEA agent) a section that handled "sensitive cases". That includes cases involving prominent political figures. Given this particular Justice Department and the White House that controls it, it is hard to predict what they would decide if the FBI brings them a prosecutable case against Mrs. Clinton.

As a political matter, in a perfect world, Clinton has already shown herself to be unfit for the office of president. For 4 years, she mishandled sensitive communications within the DOS. To any informed voter that is a serious matter.

However, we don't live in a perfect world do we? That is why she is still considered, "the leading contender for the Democratic nomination".

Go figure.

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"She's our gal."

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