Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Latest Hate Crime Atrocity From Pakistan

Hat tip Eagle Rising

Today, I posted my own "review" on an outrageous article written by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian (as if he writes any other kind.)

To my response I should add this piece from Eagle Rising. It has another horror story emanating out of Pakistan. Here is the scenario: Muslim girl converts to Christianity and marries Christian man. Her family seeks revenge. Read on.

Back to Hatem Bazian, who writes that what ISIS does has nothing to do with Islam, no matter how much they quote Islamic scripture. Unfortunately, he now has to write another piece explaining that what the folks in Pakistan are doing has nothing to do with Islam. Then he can write a similar piece explaining what is happening to Coptic Christians in Egypt. And so it goes.

You have a lot of work to do, Mr Bazian.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

If a Coptic Christian girl in Egypt or Ethiopia converted to Islam and married a Muslim, she'd stand a good chance of the same fate. We don't allow such things in America, but it is deeply embedded in the culture in certain parts of the world. Either we send in the marines, or people in those parts of the world are going to have to work i

Gary Fouse said...

True enough but I post it as a warning that this is something we should not allow into our country.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Nor do we.