Friday, September 25, 2015

Loch Ness Monster Sighting at University of Delaware

Hat tip Daily Caller and The Review

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"We hear you. We see you."

The University of Delaware is in turmoil. Somebody saw what they perceived to be nooses hanging from trees on campus. An investigation by campus police ensued. Unfortunately, the student activists and administration got way out ahead of the facts. As it turned out, they were not nooses. They were the remnants of paper lanterns. It made no difference. Racism is alive and well at the University of Delaware, Daily Caller has the story.

"We are bigger than hate,” said UD vice provost for diversity Carol Henderson, whose claim seems self-evident given the lack of any hate crimes at Delaware. “We hear you. We see you … We need to walk arm in arm with them and say ‘I am concerned because you are concerned.'”

Here is what UDe's campus paper, the Review is reporting on the response.

It might also be added that the incident coincided with the speaking appearance of Fox News contributor and writer Katie Pavlich on campus, which drew protests from Black Lives Matter.

I don't want to make light of a noose because I am fully aware of its symbolism. Had there actually been nooses on campus, a strong response would be merited.

But there weren't. Nevertheless, the BLM crowd uses it as an excuse to get out and raise the racism issue. Here is my question: What other incidents have happened on campus directed toward black students? If there have been such incidents, they should be handled appropriately. There is a complaint procedure at virtually every university and there is always a paper trail of documented complaints and the results of those complaints.

As for the "noose", it is a false alarm. There is no need to call the fire department. And call off the search party. There was no Loch Ness monster.


elwood p suggins said...

This appears to be essentially identical to the "Hands up. Don't shoot" crowd (yes, they are still out there), whose chants and posters are in direct opposition to the truth but which are believed and supported by a lot of other un/ill-informed people.

Gary Fouse said...

Good line for Nessie. "Hands up, don't shoot"