Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Laughable Denial of Bias at UCLA

Hat tip Campus Watch and Daily Bruin

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                                  James Gelvin

James Gelvin is a UCLA professor and anti-Israel activist. So when I saw this statement of his in the Daily Bruin denying the obvious anti-Israel bias of his Center for Near Eastern Studies, I almost spit out my Cheerios.

James Gelvin's stern visage has darkened the pages of Fousesquawk on several occasions. If he thinks the complaints of the AMCHA Initiative's complaints are "fabrications", maybe he thinks our articles are fabrications as well. Like this, for example.

As for UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, he has presided over a campus where bias rules the day over true scholarship. He may try to put a happy face on what goes on at his campus, but he got a first hand look at it last week when he was present at the UC Regents meeting  at UC Irvine as Jewish students told of their experiences dealing with anti-Semitism on UC campuses-including his own.  Just this year, UCLA was embarrassed when Rachel Beyda, a Jewish co-ed, was questioned about her fitness to serve on student government because of her Jewish faith.

That's what happens when you have what passes for scholarship at UCLA. That's what happens when you have entities like UCLA's Center for Near Eastern Studies substituting indoctrination for scholarship.

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