Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Europeans Turn Out to Protest Muslim Invasion

Hat tip Eagle Rising and Bare Naked Islam

The Europeans-at least the man on the street- and especially the East Europeans are telling their leaders that they do not want millions of Muslims coming into their lands.

You can dismiss this as anti-immigrant bigotry if you will, but consider this: Why would we or anybody else want to import the violence, the hate and the refusal to assimilate? Western European countries are reeling from the presence of a hostile immigrant population that refuses to assimilate and respect the values and culture of the countries they are settling in. Crime is out of control and the ever present danger of ISIS terrorists exists. The very social fabric of places like France is being ripped apart.

Also consider the fact that aside from the refugee camps that are situated in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, the Arab world is not offering to accept any of their own Arab/Muslim brethren. They insist that the West bear the burden. Does that make sense? It is great to be compassionate, but not when it entails suicide.

The refugee camps should remain in the Middle East. The West can provide support and aid. But when the day comes that places like Syria, Iraq and Libya are (hopefully) freed from ISIS control, these people should return and help rebuild their own countries. The West simply cannot absorb them.

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