Tuesday, September 15, 2015

E-mails Expose Bill Clinton's Money- Grubbing Speeches

Citizens United is another conservative group that has filed suit for Hillary Clinton's State Department E-mails, and they have received one that adds to Bill Clinton's money grubbing image as a paid speech maker. In this case, his office asked the State Department for permission to speak before the National Iranian American  Council, a group with a strange propensity to support the regime in Teheran.

We all know that both Clintons are grifters scratching for every loose nickel rolling down the street. We already know about the 6-figure speeches they have both received. We already know that Bill got lucrative speaking gigs by countries, companies and individuals that were lobbying for State Department breaks. Now we learn that Bill's office requested DOS approval for him to speak before this despicable Iranian American group. Is it strange that he couldn't just roll over in bed and ask Hillary what she thought of the deal?

Thank goodness that somebody at State had the common sense to say no to this-even if it is Cheryl Mills, a shady character at best.

If only more Americans were paying attention to this story because it exposes just how corrupt our government has become. Imagine how it will be if Hillary makes it to the White House.

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