Wednesday, September 30, 2015

California Republican Party Sighting

Hat tip OC Tea Party Blog and David

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California Republicans at the Marriott Hotel bar

Shock of shocks!! There actually is a Republican party in the Peoples Republic of California.

Well, sort of.

They actually held a convention as reported by the Orange County Tea Party. Surprisingly, it was held at the Anaheim Marriot-as opposed to the Anaheim Motel 6.

But it is what they did with their "platform" that has raised the eyebrows and the hackles of the OC Tea Party.

1.) The term illegal aliens was removed and replaced in two different areas with the termundocumented.”
2.) The liberal phrase “living in the shadows” was added. (Anyone who drives past a Home Depot or has gone to the DMV where these folks are issued Drivers Licenses knows how ridiculous and untrue that phrase is.)
3.) Removed from new platform: “… Allowing illegal immigrants to remain in California undermines the respect for the law.
4.) This phrase was also removed: “We call for the the cross-deputization of state and county law enforcement personal so that illegal aliens who are also criminals can be deported immediately upon completion of their sentences.” (Replaced with general statements about being against sanctuary cities.)
5.) New platform states: Republicans hold diverse views on this issue. (Defeats the purpose of a platform and signals disunity in the party by stating this. The whole idea of platform is to outline what all Republicans believe in and the values that we all share. This statement contridicts that.)
6.) A very watered down statement on assimilation! This was removed: We should grant citizenship only to those who embrace American values and culture. New immigrants should be required to learn english. (Also removed was the mention of employers to require their employees to learn english. New platform only talks about how immigrants should learn in english in a vague general sense)
7.) Removed any mention of government documents, including ballots, to be printed in english.
8.) As stated before, no mention of enforcing our laws against those who knowingly hire illegals. This was removed: There will be heavy monetary fines levied against employers and businesses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.
9.) A Prop. 187 type portion of platform was removed: We call on the Federal Government to reimburse California for the costs of federally mandated immigration programs and federally mandated benefits to illegal aliens. Finally, we call for the termination of all federal and state benefits to illegal aliens other than emergency medical care.
10.) No real solid proposal to build a wall or border fence, or no specific proposal to seal our southern border. No mention to re-authrorize funding for the Republican passed border fence act from 2006. There is just vague references about the need to secure our border. (In fairness, the 2011 platform didn’t address this specifically either.)

The California Republican Party, Ladies and Gentlemen. Give 'em a hand.

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