Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CAIR is Giving Away Korans

Hat tip Jihad Watch

So CAIR is now giving away more Korans to mark the controversy over Ben Carson saying he would not vote for a Muslim for president (or at least one who wants to follow sharia law). Carson clarified his statement on Fox last night while not backing away from it.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has some suggested passages for those who take CAIR up on their offer.

Keep in mind, Dear Reader, that the Koran is not recorded chronologically. It is from longest sura (chapter) to shortest. It is important to know the order of the suras, which is not numerical. The suras recorded during Mohammad's Medina period are the violent, hateful passages while the peaceful passages are the Meccan passages during the time he was preaching in Mecca. Naturally, there are vast contradictions throughout the Koran. According to Islamic scholarship throughout the centuries, contradictions are resolved by the principle of abrogation. In case of contradiction, that which was recorded or revealed to Mohammad later in time abrogates that which was revealed earlier.

The last major sura in time is sura 9. It is arguably the most hateful and violent. It virtually abrogates all the peaceful verses revealed earlier.

I encourage people to get a copy of the Koran-and read it.

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Squid said...

Chapter 9 of the Koran are also referenced as the "Sword" verses. This is a must read for those low information types who think Carson is speaking evil.