Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Angela Merkel Must Go

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Angela Merkel was asked in the below video how she would protect the German people from Islamic extremism given her plans to bring hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees to Germany. Her non-answer demonstrates that she has no further business being Germany's chancellor.

As my readers well know, I have a long-standing affection for Germany in spite of the Nazi past. I have often maintained that Germany has acknowledged its past and accepted responsibility. I have also argued that Germany has become a decent country and can be a moral compass for the rest of Europe. Part of that thinking no doubt goes into their idea that they can take the lead in bringing in Syrian refugees.

However, Germany's responsibility is first and foremost in protecting its own people, something that seems lost on most of the leaders of the West-including the US.

Let us not forget that most Arab counties are taking in no refugees. The Gulf states are contributing only money. The idea that Europe, the US and Canada must accept millions of these people is crazy when Arab countries (and Turkey) will not. (Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon have refugee camps, but most of these people will be unloaded on us.) How about we supply financial aid and those countries take in their own brethren?

And of course, lost in all this are the Christians who are the victims of a campaign of genocide. Those are the ones the West should be accepting first.

Germany, the rest of Europe, and the US will rue the day they agreed to allow all these people in. They are inviting more unrest, little assimilation, and future acts of terror by some of the "refugees" and their children in the years ahead. We already know of ISIS' intent to infiltrate their fighters into the flow of refugees. The result is that our own people will die because of our misplaced generosity.

Do the vast majority of these people deserve help? Of course. But why are the countries in the region unwilling to accept them?

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elwood o suggins said...

If you were fleeing Iraq, would you really want to stop for good in another third-world armpit country where they still defecate in the ditches like, say, Syria?? Not me. And on and on. Turkey, Lebanon, etc., are no bargains, even outside of a camp.