Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Action on the Hungarian-Serbian Border

Hat tip Gallia Watch

If you like action films, don't waste your money on a theater ticket. You can see all the action you want courtesy of the French blog, Gallia Watch. They have video of the police clashes with migrants trying to crash the Hungarian border from Serbia.

The Hungarians have seen enough after the chaos at the Budapest train station. They are trying to keep any more from entering the country, which represents the border of the EU.

And just what is the solution? NATO needs to come to grips with what is driving people out of their countries. It is first and foremost ISIS, as the largest group by nationality is comprised of Syrians. Sooner or later, ISIS must be decimated. Then these people can return back to their homes.

I don't blame the Hungarians. This is not immigration. This is an invasion, and Europe cannot absorb it.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

As an immediate measure, I agree. When there is a literal non-stop stream of people moving across the landscape outside of any laws, processes, etc., then the immediate point is to put a stop to it. But, that won't hold for long. I'm not impressed with some highly paid Amnesty International functionary disseminating a press release from some well appointed office in some western European capital calling Hungary's barbed wire border fence "unacceptable." But, this is a wake up call for the UN, EU, all the governments of Europe... this mass of people IS moving and they find it untenable to remain where they are and there needs to be a massive, coherent RESPONSE that is adequately funded and staffed to handle the magnitude of the situation. Its going to require the kind of sustained effort it took to resettle refugees after WW II. And yes, maybe taking out ISIS will be necessary... it may have become less expensive than the alternative.

elwood p suggins said...

I do not see how taking ISIS out is not a necessity, either with or without a refugee crisis. And wait and see how many of them go "back home". It is not totally unlike our situation. Looks to me like our illegals think it is far better for them to "live in the shadows" here in America than to live "in the sunshine" in their home country, whichever third(or fourth??)-world one it might be.