Monday, August 3, 2015

UNH Bias-Free Language Guide Taken Down

Hat tip The College Fix

Mark W. Huddleston
UNH President Mark Huddleston

"If you tour our website, you will find.........we have taken down the Bias-Free Language Guide."

What an embarrassment for the University of New Hampshire and its clueless president Mark Huddleston. Now that they have attracted nationwide attention and ridicule for their "Bias-Free Language Guide" that advised students that the word "American" was offensive, they have taken the site down.

Maybe somebody should ask the question, "Why is any university in the business of telling their students what words are appropriate or inappropriate?" Don't we all know that four-letter words and racial epithets are inappropriate?


Siarlys Jenkins said...

In other words, like most web sites maintained by large and complex institutions, some department or office thought this Bias-Free Language guide was a wonderful thing, and there was no procedure requiring the college president to sign off in advance on each and every posting to the campus web site. Now that it has come to his attention, he had it taken down.

You should be congratulating him on doing the right thing.

Oh, wait, Fousesquawk exists to lampoon college presidents, so whatever they did was either wrong, egregiously wrong, or they should have done it sooner.

Gary Fouse said...

He wasn't paying attention and was directing people to the university web site without knowing what all was on it. He is a boob.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

By that criterion, so are you. Any university official would proudly direct people to their web site, that's what institutions and companies and almost everybody do these days. Of course he doesn't know every detail of what's on it. No executive does. They'd spend all day just surfing their own web site to be sure. You know why the most effective labor action is not the strike but that interesting British invention, the "work to rule"? Because nobody knows everything that is in the rule book, and there are so many rules that if everyone adhered strictly and meticulously to each one, any enterprise with more than two people involved would grind to a half -- only the workers get paid the whole time.