Friday, August 14, 2015

State Department Thumbs Its Nose at Judge Emmit Sullivan

Hat tip The Observer

It's looks like a showdown is looming between our renegade State Department and Judge Emmit Sullivan over Hillary Clinton's emails, which the DOS now says they have stopped looking for.

"If that is allowed, rest assured there will be no evidence of the Benghazi murders or Huma Abedin’s conflict of interest, because those emails were not produced by Mrs. Clinton and are no doubt among those she may have successfully destroyed."

Precisely. Isn't it interesting that we have yet to see any communications involving Mrs Clinton not only during the night of the Benghazi attack, but none have been produced in the weeks-long run up to the attack itself. Likewise, nothing is available from Huma Abedin, the Muslim Brotherhood-connected aide to Clinton, who was also working for the Clinton Foundation as well as another outside firm.

It's the perfect crime, isn't it? Set up your own private server so nothing goes into the DOS archives where they are subject to the prying eyes of FOIA requests and Congressional committees. Delete everything you don't want people to see while saying that you never sent or received anything on your personal server that was classified -or classified "at the time it was sent or received". In fact, since you never used State's server, it means that during the entire time you were secstate, you never had any classified communications. Wow. That's akin to spending 6 years in the major leagues but never having a single at-bat.

Plus, you have your personal staff go through your server to decide what is work-related and what is not. Your own staff! Then you give your thumb drive to your personal attorney, David Kendall for "safekeeping". Never mind he has no security clearance or authorization to have possession.

But who is going to prosecute? Who is going to investigate? Who is going to dig through the records?You have the administration, Justice Department and State Department covered, right?

Well, maybe not quite.

The FBI has opened an investigation based on the recommendations of two inspectors general, one from State and the other from 17 intelligence agencies. They have reported irregularities. In addition, we have a new attorney general, Loretta Lynch, still a bit of an unknown quantity, but it is not the corrupt Eric Holder. Plus, we have Judge Emmit Sullivan.

I wonder just how much the White House wants to protect Hillary from the consequences of her actions.

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