Saturday, August 1, 2015

Professor Kumar's Claims on Iraq Challenged by a Vet

Hat tip The College Fix

When a university professor named Deepa Kumar at Rutgers quotes a claim by implication that the US has killed 1.3 million people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, you would expect that she can back it up with credible evidence. Below, The College Fix has a report from an Iraq war veteran who questions Ms Kumar's claim.

The first question I would ask this vaunted professor of journalism is how many of that 1.3 million people have been killed by our enemies as they lop off heads and conduct mass executions of civilians-not to mention the suicide bombs in market places and mosques. We didn't do that. In addition, I would ask how many of the killed were enemy combatants killed by US troops. Yet the report in Democracy Now, which was quoted by Kumar cleverly implies that the deaths are at the hands of the US. It refers to the US bombing of Tikrit and "body counts". It is all very cleverly worded to give the casual reader the impression that the US has massacred 1.3 million people mostly civilians.  ISIS is mentioned almost in passing as some kind of  creation of our policy in Iraq.

And this is what is quoted by a Rutgers University journalism professor. It is almost laughable were it not so outrageous.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

The only reason that ISIS can lop off heads is that we knocked off a stable government that would have had all of ISIS in front of a firing squad before it had 100 members. They were problematic to be sure, but what we've accomplished has left Iraqis much worse off. They used to have universal education and health care, for women as well as men, and an excellent electrification system too.