Thursday, August 6, 2015

Iraqi Christians: Where is the "Pathway to Citizenship"?

As Iraqi and Syrian Christians run for their lives, our administration is hell bent on bringing in as refugees not Christians, but Syrian and Iraqi Muslims. Similarly, on our southern border, who see a flood of illegal immigrants, many of whom are simply walking up to the nearest Border patrol agent and asking for asylum. They are put on buses and transported around the country to who knows where.

Now we see a small number of Iraqi Christians who have made it as far as Mexico showing up at the border and asking for asylum. The below article describes the different treatment they are receiving under the Obama administration.

I want to be clear: If you try to sneak into the US, you are an illegal alien. But if there is any group of people who we should accept when they show up at the border and ask for asylum, it is these. Of course, their background must be investigated and their claims of persecution corroborated. However, they should not have to make their way half way around the world. It seems to me, Middle East Christians should have priority from the US if we are going to accept refugees.

So why is it that we don't hear any talk from Obama and the Democrats about pathways to citizenship and all the other rhetoric they use in talking about "comprehensive immigration reform"?

And where are the Republicans, who supposedly control Congress?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

They haven't even arrived yet, much less lived here since age 3 and graduated from high school here. Apples and oranges. (Not horse apples, in this case elwood, because there may be a good case for admitting them. But its not the same case, nor based on the same facts).