Saturday, August 8, 2015

Huma Abedin: Hillary's Troublesome Aide

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One of the figures caught up in the scandal over Hillary Clinton's State Dept. emails is her campaign adviser Huma Abedin, who was also her Middle East adviser while Hillary was SecState. Congress is currently looking into not only the emails between Clinton and Abedin during Clinton;s tenure, but Abedin's employment itself including outside employment she held at the same time and questionable vacation and sick leave claims. In addition to what is contained in the below article, somebody needs to ask why Clinton has as her close adviser a woman with documented family links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

We were writing about Abedin and her Muslim Brotherhood Associations as far back as 2012.

Given the recent history in Egypt, where the Brotherhood was briefly in power-then overthrown by the Egyptian military, is not Abedin's recent position in the State Department troublesome? If Hillary were to become president, what influence would Abedin wield and how would it affect our policy toward Egypt?

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Squid said...

Judge Sullivan needs to tell the DoJ to send in the FBI to search here office and home for all computers, servers and any electronic communication devices. That is, if any of them are left in her possession. I imagine that all of those devices have been destroyed by now. The warrant would be to gather up confidential U.S. State records that she may posses, having shared emails with Hillary. Abedin has no security clearance to store or maintain those State documents.