Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hillary, Did You Wipe Your Server?

Hat tip Breitbart

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                                                                                              Could she repeat?

Today in North Las Vegas, Fox News' Ed Henry caught up with Hillary Clinton. He asked Hillary a simple question: Did she wipe her server clean? He asked several times.

In addition to that issue, we now learn of the small company in Colorado that Clinton chose to house her server, Platte River Networks. Here is another simple question: What security clearances did they have to hold the communications of the secretary of state? I am guessing none especially now that we hear that they stored their servers in a bathroom closet. If that is the case, has there not been a violation of law?

And what security clearances does Clinton attorney David Kendall possess that enables him to hold Clinton's thumb drive? I am guessing none, and that would also be a violation of law if that thumb drive contains classified information.

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