Monday, August 10, 2015

Carly Fiorina Schools Chris Matthews

Hat tip Western Journalism and George

"Who was driving that car?"

"Carly Fiorina."

MSNBC's fast-talking Chris Matthews thought he could take Carly Fiorina down a notch or two after her much praised appearance on the first debate in Cleveland last week. In particular, he tried to pin her down on where Hillary Clinton had lied. (Fiorina called Mrs Clinton a lair.) Much to Matthews' chagrin, Fiorina gave him a clear and concise answer that left him grappling for a response.

Any other questions, Chris?

I didn't think much of Fiorina's chances when she announced her candidacy. After all, she had been trounced in a campaign for senator by Barbara Boxer! Yet, she is impressive. She did well in the debate, and she handles herself well in interviews. Matthews learned that the hard way.

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