Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ben Carson Called "Oreo" on Anti-Israel Blog

Hat tip Israellycool

Seattle-based blogger Richard Silverstein is a fanatical hater of all things Israel. He sits in his boiler room and jumps on any conspiracy story he can to discredit Israel. He is also not above taking cheap shots at blacks who support Israel, such as a young University of New Orleans student named Chloe Valdary. Now Israellycool has picked up an offensive exchange involving Silverstein in which Ben Carson is described as an oreo.

This, of course, is what black conservatives can expect from the left-including the white left. No doubt Al Sharpton is the type preferred at Tikun Olam. Maybe even Michael Brown or Treyvon Martin.

In case you care to check out Tikun Olam, you can find the link right here at Fousesquawk. It's under the Fiction Section.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Richard Silverstein judging Ben Carson's blackness is like Gary Fouse judging a local Jewish federation's Jewishness. The man has a bit of nerve, but not a lot...

Gary Fouse said...

Wrong again, Siarlys. The equivalent of oreo would be "self-hating Jew". I have never called anyone that because I leave it to Jews to sort that out. Likewise, I don't call anyone an Uncle Tom because it is a slur. I have defended many black conservatives against that charge as you well know.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I made a broader statement Gary... the outside judging the proper way for the insider to behave, which you've done many times. Its not whether someone IS an oreo that I questioned, nor whether someone COULD BE an oreo, which is a legitimate question, but who is Richard Silverstein to sit in judgment on such a thing. "You're not MY kind of Negro" is what it comes down to, and leaves him looking like an idiot.

Oreo is not the equivalent of self-hating Jew, it is an offshoot of the notion that there is a "black" way to behave and a "white" way to behave. When was a Jew accused of "acting gentile"?