Saturday, August 8, 2015

Another Illegal Alien With Criminal Record Commits Rape and Murder

While San Francisco is still dealing with the fallout over the latest murder in its city by an illegal alien who was known to the criminal justice system, Santa Maria now has a defendant accused of rape and murder who was arrested multiple times, was on probation-but not deported.

The Right Scoop has the story.

How is it that our criminal justice system allows an allegal alien to be arrested for  multiple crimes, be placed on probation, but not turned over to ICE for deportation?

It is because of our political leaders-all Democrats in California and our Democrat leaders in Washington. They don't want these people turned over to ICE. They want them roaming the streets of our cities until they can be put on that Pathway to Citizenship, so they can become loyal Democratic voters.

Add Marilyn Pharis to the list of sacrifices to political correctness.

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