Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why Are Christian Churches Bashing Israel?

That's the question Italian journalist Giulio Meotti is asking.

With all due respect to my Catholic friends (and my wife), somebody needs to sit the Pope down and explain the facts of life to him. No, I am not talking about the birds and bees. I am talking about what is happening to Christians in the Middle East. Meanwhile, he is prattling on about climate change and a Palestinian state.

As for these Protestant churches like the Presbyterian Church USA and the Methodist Church of the UK, they are beyond shame.  They seem to think they will all be safe if the proverbial alligator gobbles up Israel first.

Of course, there are the leftist Jews who align themselves with the Palestinians against Israel. They are also hoping they will live in peace with the alligator once Israel is gone. They are so wrong.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Why are Orthodox Israeli Jews bashing Christian churches?

I'm not saying its time for a righteous Christian pogrom against "the Jews."

I'm just noting, some fraction of the people of ANY ethnic, national, or religious description are capable of this stuff.