Saturday, July 18, 2015

University of Wisconsin Professor Expresses Regret for Comments

UW-Madison professor draws rebuke from university

Hat tip The College Fix

University of Wisconsin at Madison professor Sara Goldrick-Rab has expressed regret at the wording she used in comparing Wisconsin governor Scott Walker to Hitler and tweeting to incoming freshmen that they should go elsewhere over the budget cuts. That latter comment drew a rebuke from the university itself. The College Fix was able to obtain a telephone interview with Goldrick-Rab.

To be clear, Goldrick-Rab had every legal right to say what she did, no matter how stupid. I think the university has handled it properly. They have distanced themselves from her comments, but upheld her right to free speech. A firing would have been wrong.

The lesson here is that while professors have the right to free speech, others have the right to respond and disagree. The university should not be one big echo chamber where only one ideology is heard. Unfortunately, that is the situation that exists on too many campuses.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Fair enough, all around. I too found her remarks kind of dumb. Scott Walker does have a drive for power that almost makes him seem like an alien sometimes (the appearance of his face in person accentuates that impression), but comparing anyone to Hitler is getting to be a bit like the boy who cried wolf -- even if its true, nobody takes it seriously.