Thursday, July 30, 2015

UC Skate Board (Santa Barbara) Cancels Porn Class

Hat tip The College Fix

Constance Penley-PhD in rhetoric

Scholarship took a major blow (no pun intended) when UC Santa Barbara cancelled a long-standing porn class citing lack of enrollment (interest).

There could be several reasons for this. Maybe some parents took the time to check out what their kids were taking in school and decided they weren't going to pay the high tuition for Jack and Jill to study the academic aspects of porn. Maybe Jack and Jill figured they could watch all the porn they wanted on their computers for free.

One thing needs to be said in all seriousness: There are too many universities across the fruited plain that are devoting too much time and resources to sex.

Not that there's anything wrong with sex, mind you. Some of my best friends have sex. I just wonder why porn is considered an academic subject and why colleges need to hold annual sex weeks with workshops and all that. Add this to all the political indoctrination students are getting in college and you realize why they are so unprepared to enter the work force when they graduate with degrees in topics that make basket weaving look like engineering.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

If it exists, someone will get a grant to study it.

But that doesn't mean they need to teach a class or its a good use of tuition.