Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stop Iran Rallies

Hat tip JJ and Stand With Us


On Sunday, July 26,  there will be Stop Iran Now rallies in LA, San Diego, and other places sponsored by the Jewish pro-Israel organization Stand With Us. I plan to attend one of them. I have just been informed that the San Diego rally will feature as one of the speakers, Carolyn  Glick, editor of the Jerusalem Post and a well-known activist, writer and speaker.

Here is the information  for both events. If you are in a different part of the country, there are links to them as well.

Los Angeles, Federal Building (Westwood) 2-4 pm.

San Diego Balboa Park 2-4 pm.

You know what will be interesting? To see if any counter-demonstators show up. You know-people who support the Iranian regime. They are out there, you know.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Those of us who are satisfied with the treaty will signify this by staying home. And that's how you will know we support the treaty.