Wednesday, July 1, 2015

ISIS Enforces Ramadan-74 Children Executed

-Fox News
"The new model of resistance"

Somebody better send this report to Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan and the New America Foundation. They are the ones touting those stats that say Islamic terrorists only killed 26 Americans in the US since 9-11 compared to a bunch of crazies they picked out of a hat who have killed 48 people in the US since 9-11. Once you expand that study to overseas, the numbers go off the charts. Now we learn that  ISIS has executed 74 kids for for various "violations". That's just since they established their "caliphate" a year ago. That includes two kids they murdered for violating the rules of Ramadan (not properly fasting.)

What was the name of that other professor who called these acts, "the new model of resistance" or some such rot?

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