Thursday, July 23, 2015

General De Gaulle Meets the French Press

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June 1940

General Charles De Gaulle gave a press conference today in front of members of the French press. Here is the text:

Q: "General De Gaulle. What do you say to those who say you are a Germanophobe?"

CDG: "Nonsense. I love Germans. A lot of them are great guys-fun to drink beer with. They are hard workers and very efficient. I just don't want them in Paris unless they pass through our Customs and Immigration at the border."

Q: "Why do you say that Germans are killers? Don't you acknowledge that most of them are just coming here to work as lifeguards on our beaches at Normandie? Aren't they just doing the work that French don't want to do?"

CDG "Ask the dead French soldiers why I called them killers. Work? They are getting paid by the German army. You call that work? Besides. We don't need any more lifeguards."

Q: "But are they not just trying to come to France for a better life?"

CDG: "Better life? What do they want-better food and better wine? Their beer is much better than ours. Have you ever drunk Kronenbourg?"

Q: "You said that the German government sends them here. How do you defend that statement?"

CDG: "Do I have to answer that?"

Q: "You were supposed to meet with members of the French army, but they canceled at the last minute. Why did they do that?"

CDG: "I suspect they were ordered to by General Petain."

Q: "Did you see the protesters chanting against you when you arrived today?"

CDG: "You should have heard them when the Germans arrived."

Seventy-five years later, Donald Trump underwent a similar interview in Laredo, Texas.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

When the Mexican Army occupies Washington, D.C., this will be a sensible analogy.

Or... are you saying that all those WW II movies from my youth are bogus, and what was really happening was that a bunch of unemployed Germans were braving the hazards of the Maginot Line to obtain jobs washing dishes in French restaurants?