Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Clinton True to Form: Declines to Comment on Keystone Pipeline

"No comment, but vote for me anyway."

Hillary Clinton continues to act as if all she has to do is throw her hat in the ring and she will be the next president. She won't answer questions about the Clinton Foundation's suspect finances, and she makes dubious generalities about her emails. The latest was that she never sent any emails that were classified "at the time". This is a woman who wants us to believe that in all her years as secretary of state, she never engaged in any communication of a classified nature. In addition, now she demurs when asked about her position on the Keystone Pipeline.

This reminds me of that incident at UCLA a couple of years back when I asked then-Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano why she wasn't pounding on Eric Holder's desk demanding to know why two of her agents were dead as a result of weapons involved in Operation Fast and Furious. Her answer was that she preferred to let the investigation play out while castigating me for rolling my eyes.

The arrogance of people like Clinton defies description. Her performance as senator was devoid of achievement. Her performance as secretary of state was likewise devoid of achievement and marked by failures with Russia and the Middle East, and capping it all off like a giant turd blossom was Benghazi, which should have disqualified her from any further government job.

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