Thursday, July 16, 2015

Are DEA Reservists Being Hassled by Bosses?

As a retired DEA agent, I find this article troubling. It seems that several DEA agents who are in the military reserves are being hassled by the supervisors.

Shortly before I retired, I was working in our international training division in Quantico, Virginia. One of the agents on my team was a colonel in the Army reserves. He wasn't being activated into combat, but he did have periods when he would have to leave DEA for a while to fulfill his military reserve duties. I recall that there was some conflict. Without taking sides in that past issue, I can state that supervisors in law enforcement always want a full contingent of manpower in order to make cases and keep those stats up.

Having said that, when we are at war and our reservists are being sent into combat, the civilian agencies must support that. If these accusations are true, corrective measures are called for. DEA agents who are serving in the reserves must be fully supported.

In September, I will be attending the annual retired agents conference. I plan to check into this.

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